Somerville Open Studios

An audio postcard on two artists from Somerville Open Studios at the Loft.

Stina Simmarano


“I really like textures – I’ve been working with metallics and glitter a lot lately. I like things that have a little bit of depth. I like repetition I like just a lot of repetitive shapes and patterns. There’s a lot of elements that just come out in my work over and over again like chains and jewels and teeth and just weird stuff that I don’t know why I like to draw them so much but I do.”





Mary Lewey


“Illustrated Wildlife Treasury”

“Some of the selection is subconscious, some of it is very conscious – like when I was doing the fish, I couldn’t help myself, I had to put cats on a lot of them just cuz I thought that was so funny like the typical cartoon cats loving fish. So some of the stuff is very deliberate and intentional and some of the pieces it’s like – I see a lot of gold a lot of gold in this photograph of an animal so I’m gonna add a lot of gold or there’s bright colors, I’m gonna match that.”







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