Hi there. I’m Amanda. I’m a producer, reporter, and photographer living in Somerville, Massachusetts. I currently work on Boston’s local All Things Considered afternoon news program at WGBH. I’m originally from New Hampshire – where I also went to college. I moved to Somerville in 2012 for grad school. I graduated from Emerson College in 2014 with my master’s in Broadcast Journalism. My professional experience is vast and includes print, tv, and radio producing, writing, and editing. When I’m not behind a microphone or computer, I’m likely walking around Somerville or Cambridge snapping photos, reading and drinking copious amounts of coffee at Bloc 11 cafe in Union Square, perfecting the art of French cooking or listening to music – live or otherwise.

Two little known facts about me: I can’t stand fresh kiwis and I’d rather do laundry than unload or load a dishwasher.