by Amanda Beland

Bellwire is a four man pop band based in Boston. They recorded and mixed four songs and one poem at Medford’s the Soul Shop on May 1-3. The band choose to record this particular weekend because there was a full moon and folk rock singer Neil Young chooses to record only when there’s a full moon.

“He must be doing something right,” said guitarist Tyler Burdwood.

The band tracked all five songs on Saturday, recorded overdubs including percussion, organ and background vocals, on Sunday and mixed on Monday. The session with engineered by the Shop’s engineer Elio DeLuca, with help from custom, professionally tailored outboard gear and amplifiers by Patrick Grenham. Three of the songs are power pop songs songs while the fourth is a slower tune featuring Burdwood’s girlfriend Natalie Kovalcik as a background vocalist. The fifth song is a poem that Burdwood wrote this year backed up by the rest of band playing freestyle underneath it in a Doors-esque style. While the future of the tracks aren’t set in stone, the band expects the weekend’s bounty will become the first side of a full-length LP, which would be the band’s first full-length record.

Bellwire recorded a four song record last summer at the Soul Shop called Following the Plan. They are currently looking for a new drummer and are playing shows sporadically. Their next show is Tuesday, May 19 at TT and the Bears. This show will be their last performance with their current drummer Andy, who is the drummer featured on this session.

The band laying down their tune “Let It Shine” in the Soul Shop’s live room.

Engineer Elio DeLuca recording the band in the Soul Shop’s control room.

Guitarist Tyler Burdwood in between tracks.

 Elio coaching brothers Michael (left) and Jack (right) Holland in between tracks.


 The Soul Shop’s tape machine. The Shop is an all analog recording studio.

 Elio talking with the band on Sunday before starting guitar overdubs.



 Jack, Elio and Tyler figuring out background vocals for the tune “Time Out”.


 Elio and Tyler completing a “percussion test” to see which tambourine to use.


 Elio and the band listening back to background vocals on Sunday.

 Michael and Elio figuring out an organ overdub section.

Elio in the middle of mixing the third of five songs on Monday night.


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