Ben Seretan

Ben Seretan is a musician performing under his own name in Brooklyn, New York.

Erin Shaw

Erin Shaw’s passion for painting, drawing, knitting, designing and sculpting has evolved significantly into not only a career – but a life purpose.


Leapling, of Brooklyn, just released their first full length LP (Vacant Page) this year and have been touring for the last couple of weeks – including a couple day stop at SXSW – with Baked and Lost Boy ?.

Starlab Studios

Starlab Studios is a music, video, photo and entertainment-based recording studio in Somerville, Massachusetts. Matt Price, Marc Valois, James Lindsay, Lisa Vidal and Richard Hawke not only manage the multi-faceted space, but have also built it from the ground up since the studio moved into its current location on Somerville Avenue in 2013.

Peter Matthew Bauer

Peter Matthew Bauer, formerly of The Walkmen, is a solo musician who just an East Coast living room tour, including a stop at Medford’s the Soul Shop.

the Soul Shop

The Soul Shop is an all analog recording studio in Medford, Massachusetts.

High Energy Vintage

Hight Energy Vintage is a vintage game, clothing and music shop in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Julie Rhodes

Julie Rhodes is a 27-year-old singer and musician living in Somerville, Massachusetts. She recently began performing publicly for the first time – but by the sound (and soul) of her voice, you’d think she was born with a microphone in her hand.